May 31 2009

Wedsnesday Night Fun

Xtra Ticket is planning a rip roaring no holds barred show for the Tempe faithful who can’t make it on our California road trip. We want to see our friends before we risk our lives in the earthquake and fire state. Plus it’s going to be a nice “hump” day show to break up the week! See you there!
Xtra Ticket at the Goad Head Saloon

“Kick off show! Get on the bus! We are going to California.”
This event is planned to start at 20:30 on 10 June 2009 at The Goat Head Saloon.

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We were supposed to play the place we called Boston’s the venue is now caled the 910 Club…….however there are some technical problems and we can’t play there!!! So the Sail Inn and Latino Rebel Band graciously will let us play!

We need your help though! We need you to get the word out to everyone. We advertised this gig on Google, Facebook, Jambase and MySpace so we need EVERYONE to tell everyone they know the show has moved. So if you call two friends and they call two friends and so on and so on…

Xtra Ticket Back at Boston’s (sort of)

“We had to move the gig! Tell everyone! Sail Inn Saturday!”
This event is planned to start at 20:00 on 16 May 2009 at Sail Inn.

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OK Jerry Week is Officially On!

First Stop on Jerry’s Birthday! We will be jamming an acoustic set as well as a JGB set! Then On Saturday night we “truck up” to Coyote Joe’s on Prescott for a show recreation so bring you Deadbase if you are a cheater.
Then a sweet afternoon of daylight Dead at Pinion Pines in Prescott, on Sunday (the Noodles are off so you need Sunday AZ Dead, carpool and check out this cool place. Monday may have a surprise show for you jet jet AZ heads (still trying to confirm it). Friday the 7th will be a Joint Jam with our Tucson brothers Top Dead Center. Then we wrap up Jerry Week at the Goat Head Saloon on Saturday with the Jerry Memorial!

Aug 1st – Aug 9th doesn’t fall on weekends often, so friends and family start making plans! We plan to rock it, but we need you to make it righteous!

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Hosted By:The Loft
When: 09/02/2008
Where: The Loft
420 S. Mill Ave
Tempe, CA 92130
United States

2008 Winter Carnival & Sail Inn Reunion

Shelly Lynne Project

Walt Richardson

The Dean Douglass Band


Joe Mama

The Noodles

Gelatenous Groove

Endo Session

Just Add Water

Xtra Ticket

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Hosted By: Xtra Ticket
When: 22/12/2007
Where: The Goat Head Saloon
1423 S Country Club Rd
Mesa, Arizona|3 85210
United States
The Noodles, Workingman’s Grass, Kindread, and Xtra Ticket all celebrating the Holi-daze and the music that keeps our Phamily together.

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