Hey Everyone! The Jerry memorial has been moved to the Goat Head Saloon. There is going to be a lot of confusion so if you know a Deadhead or Xtra Ticket fan, let them know that the venue has changed even if you are going off to some incident. Click here for details.

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One year ago today we lost our dear friend Vince Welnick. Words cannot describe the incredible impact this man and his music had on each of our lives. Let’s all take a moment and give thanks to the universe for having graced us with his presence. You are with us forever, Vince.

Evan/Xtra Ticket

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It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that our friend and close family member Ken Sasso has passed away. The details and news of arrangements will surely follow, but what is important is we remember Ken for all he was and all he did for our scene.

Ken’s contribution was selfless and vastly appreciated by all the Arizona Family. It would be impossible to account for all he did for all of us. He was probably the biggest fan of the Noodles and he was their original webmaster. Ken recorded and archived many of Noodles shows as well as many of our shows. He wrote for Jambands.com and other music webzines. In Ken’s professional life he designed and maintained websites for Tie Dye Mike, Nita’s, Sail Inn, The Loft and others. At just about any show Ken attended, he tried to make them better. Sasso usually showed up at shows early – setting up light shows, his recording equipment, running the door and helping the bands or vendors set up and at the end of the night he would help load out. He was always humble, generous, respectful and kind. He would lend a hand with out being asked.

Ken was an integral part of almost every show in Tempe. Not only for the Noodles and Xtra Ticket, but for many, many bands.

Ken was a good friend.

He will be missed, and his passing is a shock, and his absence will hard on us for a long time to come.

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Xtra Ticket, The Noodles and Workingman’s Grass….celebrate Bus Bob’s retirement in big Irish drinking puke on your green shoes… kind of way…….

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Feb 21 2007

Happy Birthday Vince

his time of year will be bittersweet for our group. Usually this was when Vince would come down and we’d celebrate his Birthday. But this year we can’t do that since Vince is no longer with us. And just thinking about all that is sad, but we remember the good times too. So if your reading this Vinnie, we love you and we miss you. Everyone else, we hope you can remember Vince in your special way, and we will see you soon.


Evan, Jimmy, Chongo, Dave, Charley and Elliot.

Here is A Happy Song by Dave ABear

Currently listening:
Missing Man Formation
By Vince Welnick
Release date: 28 April, 1998

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